Hip Hop And The Great Brooklyn Streets

The Great Brooklyn Streets as an artist is somewhat who you would expect with that given name. Raised in Bushwich Hylan projects in Brooklyn, NY his music projects, street life, party life, stories and club bangers.His debut E.P.  entitled Reign is a compilation of 5 tracks from the Blood Money Mixtape with two new tracks. The Blood Money Mixtape garnered responses from Kanye West and Jay Z The new track Reign is in response and tribute to The Throne.

The hood is filled with violence, ignorance and hatred. As a child raised in this environment, Brooklyn knew he would either become victim to such circumstances or rise above them. The Great Brooklyn Streets is the school of hard knocks, its survival of the fitest, its do or die. The challenge is to survive them. The prize is to thrive because of it. Its the transition from gangsta, hustler to businessman. The Great Brooklyn Streets is "The Light" in The Darrkness of Hip Hop.

The debut E.P. Reign by The Great Brooklyn Streets will be available for prerelease on 3/20/2018 exclusively on ITunes and available in all other platforms on 4/21/2018.  Our teams goal is to distribute 5000 copies of Reign by July 21st 2018. Sign up for email newsletter to stay informed and get the latest news, merchandise and performance dates.